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Mon, Jan. 3rd, 2005, 11:33 pm
knives_gurl: Knives Millions Plushie Project - Join us!!!

Okay I'm just starting this, just gettin the idea out to all the Knives Millions fans.
So erm ever wonder why there is plushies of over characters of Trigun EXCEPT KNIVES? Don't you hate it when there is only Vash plushies?! What about Legato, Wolfwood, Or Most importantly KNIVES. He was a character in Trigun too. He is also one of the most important one too! Why isn't there a plushie or more collector toys or models of him? I dont know about you but Knives being my favorite character I think it sucks that htere isn't much of him. So.

If your a true Knives fan please join me! I want to create a gruop where we could all sign a petition and send it to the people who made the plushies, and demand they make KNives! xDD It's not fair!!

Once again this is just to get the word out!
I'm starting to get ideas on making a website for this. Any want to help me?

Tue, Jan. 4th, 2005 10:00 pm (UTC)
jahi_san: Go knives!

I'll definitely sign your petition!!! Hooray for Knives plushies!