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Tue, Dec. 28th, 2004, 09:30 pm
knives_gurl: For Cold Blue Eyes...

Omg I've joined this Knives club and I never did anything for them. XD
Knives would be so un happy! *bows* please forgive me!

Well check this out : In case you dont know.... not all Knives shrines are dead!
Here is a brand new one with a bunch of info, images, fanfction, wallpaper, images, etc.
It's really cool and orignal! It is called " Jagged Edge "


I also have a Knives shrine : "Behind Blue Eyes " http://www.geocites.com/satinekenobi/ Pretty cool with a bunch of graphics.
I need some submissions tho.. If you go to the fansection.. .you'll see. Wallpaper, fanart, are needed too. If you want like to donate some. E-mail me! Or catch me on my AIM "evemillions1821" .

Here is a drabble that I wrote for someone else :p
But you all can tell me if it's cool or not! Oh and please feel free to corret me... I'm bad at beta reading. ><


Holiday spirit"

It was that time of year again all the holiday cheer, singing, giving.
Where family and friends can come together and celebrate life.
Everywhere Knives would go, he saw what the humans called " The Holiday Spirit".
He'd sneer and try to escape it all, he hated it and he wanted to kill them all.
Until one year, His life would change forever; He sat in the corner of the room
as Vash and his humans friends exchanged gifts. Millie came over to him meekly, holding out a red box. Knives looked at it with disgust and shock, the tall girl smiled "Merry Christmas Mr. Knives!" she said excited. He slowly took the box from Millie and set it on his lap. He stared it, as everyone held his or her breath. He finally opened it and pulled up its contents. It was a dark blue sweater hand made. He looked up at Millie
Who smiled and said " I made it just for you Knives!" Vash stared un believing as he saw his brother get up and hug Millie. With a tear rolling down his cheek.
Meryl leaned over to Vash saying," Wow. Looks like he finally got that Holiday spirit."
Vash nodded smiling " Yeah I think he finally understands..."

(I suck at Beta-Reading... please feel free to tell me what I need to correct @_@ )